India is an emerging entrepreneurial hub with fresh ideas born daily, but there is a vast gap between what is on paper versus what is executed. Some of the major reasons for this are a lack of expertise, inability to adapt in a dynamic environment or insufficient understanding of what the market truly demands. All of these issues are addressed and solved at Nextclick! Discover the world of entrepreneurs and explore endless possibilities in business with us. 

We act as a catalyst in bringing your service or product to the market, in an impactful manner, and ease your load of turning your idea into reality. We provide end-to-end solutions, guidance and expertise, so you could become market-ready and get your business up and running.

How We Can Help?  


Ensuring your basics are right, before you begin the development process is crucial. We offer you the needful training, so you could be well-equipped to prosper as an entrepreneur. From idea curation, business plans, market research, to helping with business ethics and regulatory compliance, we train you, so your business can flourish.

Business Incubation

We hold your hand throughout the process of business creation and development. From designing websites, mentorship, office space, legal registrations, financial management, business valuation, financial projections, branding and marketing strategies, we are by your side during the incubation period. Our team of experts help you launch, manage and grow a successful, revenue-generating business.

Fund Facilitation

We strive to be the wheels to your vehicle and bring momentum to your enterprise by supporting you obtain the requisite funding. Connecting your business to appropriate investors, venture capitalists, networking events, helping you with presenting your pitch, gaining traction, identifying problem areas, and directing you on how to raise capital, we advise you objectively so you can reach a closing quickly. 


While initiating a business, many processes could need improvements and several wrinkles need to be set straight. Nextclick is offering the solution to any and every business need you may have in the form of a consulting team. The team of experts will be designed based on your need, to ensure effective and efficient resolutions.

Intellectual property  

We help you secure your idea, so you can allow it to mature, and implement it at the ideally ripened stage. Registering trademark, acquiring copyrights, setting up an LLC or gaining patents, we are constantly available to ensure a smooth maneuvering for you.

Campus startup 

We are bringing startup culture to students, in order to identify potential entrepreneurs, and nurture their talent holistically so they can evolve into successful business owners. We plan on collaborating with several educational institutions, to offer a comprehensive program on Entrepreneurship development, conducted by successful entrepreneurs and business experts at Nextclick.