Course Curriculum

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What is Android?Free Preview

Android ArchitectureFree Preview

Android ComponentsFree Preview

How to configure the EnvironmentFree Preview

Android Studio Project StructureFree Preview

XML- Layout FileFree Preview

Java – Activity

Activity Life cycle

AVD Configuration

Understanding the UI components & UI groups

Communication between XML & Java

How to configure the events to the UI components

Understanding the Layout & Activity

Understanding Android Intents (Implicit, Explicit Intents)

Working with Lists and Tuples

Working with Dictionaries

Working with Sets and Frozen Sets

Basic UI components (TextView, EditText, Button. RadioButton, etc.)



ListView with custom adapter

Gallery and GridView,Webview,Fragments

Shared Preferences


Files [ XML / JSON ]





Media Player


Audio Recording

Video Recording,Camera and Gallery

Custom Dialog

Alert Dialog

Date Picker Dialog

Time Picker Dialog,Progress Dialog


Action Bar / Tool Bar

How to build signed .apk

.apk File to Play Store uploading Process

.apk File Updating Process

Explanation about play store required resources


Introduction to Location Based Services in Android

Introduction to Google Maps

Getting the Google Map key

nstall Google Play Services

Get Google Places API Access

List of Search Options to get Data (like airports, cafes …)

Create an AsyncTask to Fetch Place JSON Data in the Background

Build a Places Search Query to Select Particular Positions

How to place the places data on Google Maps

Introduction to XML


XML Pull Parser

Introduction to JSON

Advantages of JSON over XML

Syntax and Structure of JSON

Why is JSON is Preferred for Mobile Applications

Different types JSON Parsers [ simple json , Jackson , GSON ] to parse the JSON

Introduction to Web Service


Advantages of Web Services

Architecture of Web Services

Types of Web Services

Web Service Components

SOAP Based Web Service

How to Call SOAP Web Service

Detailed Explanation about WSDL , SOAP & UDDI

Why SOAP is not preferred for mobile Applications?

What are the disadvantages with SOAP, Working with REST





Jupyter Notebook


Introduction to Google Cloud Messaging

Hot to get the GCM API Key

GCM Architecture

How to Develop GCM Server Application in Java

GCM Client Dependencies

Introduction to Android Firebase

Difference between Android Components Vs Firebase Components

installing Flask

Firebase Hosting

Firebase Authentication

Firebase Crash Reporting